Flame point himmalayan baby just in time for a  new family! he is such a doll baby! One of the sweetest personalities ever. $950 pet price .
 Beautiful stunning Silver male!  Purrrfect doming, nice ear set, Big round eyes and good heavy cobby body. Cute show face.
Fun cuddly personality! $950 pet 

Mr. Charm


Cats, especially black cats, are actually lucky in some cultures.
•The British believe owning black cats is good luck.
•In many places, black cats are a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.
•Scottish folklore believes that if a strange black cat visits a person's home, good luck will follow. They also believed that owning a black cat would give a woman many suitors.
•Sailors would keep a "ship's cat" to keep mice under control and cats were considered good luck for sailors, especially black cats.
•Wives of sailors also kept black cats as luck for the protection of their husbands at sea.
•The Ancient Egyptians revered cats, not just black but all colors, elevating their status to royalty. Cats were worshiped in religious ceremonies, mummified for the afterlife and members of the household would shave their eyebrows in mourning. Killing a cat was a capital offense.
•It is said that if I black cat is walking towards a person, it is good luck, but away from him is bad.
•If one pets the cat three times, the luck will be increased.

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Adorable little blue point female Himmi. Super loving! This would be a fantastic companion for anyone! Blue, Blue eyes and the loudest purrrr!